Gran Tour Series Cup

Fri, 2014-02-07 15:03
Gran Tour Series Cup

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Bikers Choice

 Local Charity Tours throughout 2014 for $6500 in Prizes

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A season of cycling,  

We want you to have the best season of cycling Sumner and Wilson counties can offer by going the extra mile, working hand in hand with area promoters, to bring you six events that provide you the best quality post-ride meals, properly marked routes, rest stops, SAG support and prizes. Do one, or do all of them, every rider is guaranteed a “Gran” 2014 cycling season.


Pedal for Paws, April 12th
Metric Tour Route, 1/2 Metric Tour Route, Fitness/ Fun Route Mtn Segment


Vol State Classic, May 3rd

Metric Tour Route 1/2 Metric Tour Route Fitness Tour Route


Big Hill Challenge, June 14th
 Century Tour Route , Metric Tour Route ,, 1/2 Metric Tour Route Fitness Tour Route


BRASS, August 9th
 Metric Tour Route Metric Tour Route Fitness Tour Route


Gran Fondo Gallatin, Sept. 20th
Metric Tour Route ½ Metric Tour Route Fitness Tour Route KOM 1 KOM 2


2014 Series Results




The Prizes

All Riders
At each event, every rider has a chance to receive a $500 gift card prize from the event’s organizer. Ride all 6 tours and you will qualify for a $750 gift card.


King of the Mountain (KOM) and Queen of the Mountain (QOM)
Top 3 KOM/QOM on select Strava segment climbs will receive $125/$75/$50 gift cards. To qualify, each rider must upload their ride to the day of the event and must complete the route.

Each Strava winner must participated in 4 of 5 KOM/QOM events to qualify for the Gran Tour Series Cup Title and additional prizes. 



 Timed events are limited to the KOM/QOM Strava segments. There is no competition, or prizes, for 1st to the climb or finish line sprints. Strava segments are uphill climbs with no turns, allowing competitive cycling while maintaining proper etiquette in traffic situations. Riders are warned: Hill climbing elevates your heart rate. Know your limits. Each rider is responsible for uploading their Strava segments. Gran Tour Series Cup winners will be announced the day after each event.


The Gran Tour Series Cup highlights the many cycling activities in Middle Tennessee; showcasing local bike shops, cycling clubs and advocacy groups whose affiliation with USA Cycling and the League of American Bicyclists provide guidelines for bicycle friendly events with great purpose.
Join us for a fantastic six event Gran Tour Series. You’ll have a great time, win some prizes but most of all you will enjoy what Sumner and Wilson counties have to offer you this cycling season.



Sumner / Wilson County 
Team Optimum Endurance Triathlon Team
Veloteers Bicycle Club, Mt. Juliet area
HEAT, Hendersonville Tri C
Fogbees, Hendersonville Area Road Club
Team Bikers Choice
Spin Dogs, Sumner County Touring Club



Middle TN Area Clubs/Teams

TBRA, TN Bicycle Racing Organization
Harpeth Bicycle Club
Murfreesboro Bicycle Club
Clarksville Cycling Club
Major Momentum Cycling Club
Music City Cycling Club
Menstrual Cycling Club
Columbia Cycling Club
Highland Rim Bicycle Club


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