So you have a crazy cycling uncle to buy for this year? We got you covered. We have made a list of cycling accessories that any kind of cyclist will love. Have questions? Let us know. We love talking about bikes and want to help you pick the perfect gift for this Christmas.

1. Swiftwick Socks

Looking for a stocking stuffer? Not only do these socks come in awesome patterns, they are designed to wick away sweat. Not to mention, your cyclist friend will love the contoured compression fit technology of these socks. No blisters, no problem!

2. Lights

It’s not all sunshine and birdsongs (well it usually is), but occasionally the sun will go down. When that happens, your cyclist friend will need to illuminate the road or trail and make sure they are visible to others on the road. Studies have also found that daytime running lights improve visibility in all conditions, so there’s never a bad time to shine.

3. On the Go Maintenance Accessories

Mountain bikers and road riders alike will inevitably need tools to change flats and do basic maintenance on the fly. It just goes with the territory. You can be sure that your cycling uncle will always need these items.

4. Gloves

Living in the south in the winter can call for some serious clothing and accessories to stay warm on rides. We definitely recommend making sure your cyclist friend has a pair of winter gloves to wick away sweat, insulate his hands, and block the wind on his rides.

5. Computers

Computer is to cycling as Fitbit is to step count. Enough said.

6. Pumps

Flats and air loss are inevitable in cycling. Your cycling friend definitely will be in need of one these especially during the colder months.

7. Helmets

You are probably thinking, " Hey they have a bike, they most definitely have a helmet right?" Helmets actually have a life span and need to be replaced every 5 years.

8. Jackets & Jerseys

You can never go wrong with a thermal jacket or a wind breaker!  If your cycling friend rides in the dark, they will need reflective gear like jackets and jerseys not only to keep them warm, but to be seen by drivers as well. Ask us about Trek's #ALWAYSBESEEN campaign!

9. Trainers

If you are looking to help your cyclist friend bring their ride inside during these colder winter months, a trainer is a great option to help them accomplish this. 

10. If All Else Fails, Giftcards are Great

Can't decide what they need or would like? Gift cards always make great stocking stuffers!

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