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Biker's Choice Service Department

Biker's Choice is a full service bicycle shop that offers white glove service to every type of bicycle. Our service department is certified and equipped to handle every repair from tube and tire installs to total overhauls.

When you bring your bike in for service, you will receive a 100% free, no obligation estimate of repairs that your bicycle needs. Our team will reach out to you before working on your bicycle to discuss the services you would like to have done to your bicycle before a transaction is ever made. 

No appointment is needed for our service department. Just drop on by and if we can fix you r bike on the spot we will. Turnaround time varies for major repairs. Please reach out to us to get current information on service department wait times.

Mobile service will be available to our customers soon!

Service Package Options

Minor Tune-Up


Brakes, Chain and Gears Inspected,, Adjusted, and Lubed.  Security check on all other components. 



Adds Inspection, and adjustment to  hubs bearings, spokes, and crank bearings to the Minor tune up

Major Tune Up


In addition to Tune Up,  replace all wear parts on shifters, brakes and drive train. 

Common Individual Services

Install Tire/Tube Sealant$10.00
Box/Unbox Bike for Shipping$100.00
Assemble Bike (For basic derailleur bike)$100.00
50 Hr Front Shock Service$75.00
50 Hr Rear Shock Service$50.00
True Wheel with Spoke Install$28.00
Brake Bleed ( Discounted in Tune Up)$35.00
Rear Deraileur Adjusment, Includes hangar Alignment. (included in tune)
Brake Adjustment(included in tune)
Front Deraileur Adjustment (included in tune)